12 September 2009


I've moved Bleats and Brays to Tumblr. Right now you can catch it at http://bleatsandbrays.tumblr.com, but it should soon be accessible at http://blog.desaturate.net.

Bear with me while I get permalinks and comments and stuff sorted out - I'm building my own (very simple) theme from the ground up.

30 August 2009

Hack Attack.

Hopefully making some changes soon.

New website, maybe a new blog. Unfortunately, won't be able to do much until I get my brand new computer fixed. Yeahhh.

In case you're out of the loop, I've made an unexpected return to deviantART. Rather than digging up my old account, I've chosen a clean slate over seven-years seniority.

If you've got an account and care, +watch me.

22 August 2009

12 August 2009

Step on down.

First piece on the new computer.

11 August 2009

Born, reborn.

New 'puter means new motivation and new projects.

I've been in DC for the past week or so, will be here for another week or so, perhaps with a trip up to New York this weekend.

23 July 2009


My computer finally died. I'm trying to figure out a way to get a new one.

So, there won't be any updates for a while, methinks. I'll be checking my email at the library, so feel free to get at me at will@desaturate.net.

Wish me luck?

20 July 2009

I need work.

14 July 2009

Lacquer > liquor

A clean studio - so nice!

I was rummaging through my portfolio, folding crumpled-up shirts and putting CDs in cases, and I came across this guy that I guess I never got around to scanning. So I scanned it, and've tried to chronologically place it on my site.

07 July 2009

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key.

I've just returned from five days in (mostly) sunny California where I romped about with my family, engaging in all sorts of activities not typically characteristic of me, somehow maintaining the pretentious aloofness typically characteristic of me. Again, my overbearing selfness emerges victorious, brushing off the embers of assimilation (conceptual humility).

Yes, sweet summer, you are my sow.

I've got a couple weeks before my next departure to get some work done (I hope lots), so I'm going to stack my plate high and likely not eat even half of it (as I often do when taken out to dinner on someone else's dime), regardless of how delicious it all may look on an empty stomach.

I got a new tattoo that firmly cements me as a designerd.

And hopefully these updates will be a bit more regular and exciting as these long days grow shorter.

22 June 2009

Chesty Cumquat.

Needless to say, my indomitable self-importance has assured me that you've all (whoever I mean by that) been terribly curious as what's had me so preoccupied this month. (Unless you follow my Twitter, of course.) The first week of June found me utterly slammed with schoolwork and finals, as I had to do about a month's worth of curriculum in that week and its predecessor. Such was necessary to bail out on the quarter two weeks early (without losing credit, of course) to join my brother, my dad, and my dad's wife for a romp around Eastern Europe. Frankfurt, Berlin, Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Budapest, and Salzburg. It was a great time, of course. Eating vegan was extremely difficult, of course (but I persevered, of course!).

I told a few different clients (I feel like such a douche using that word, but "commissioners" doesn't quite have the right connotation) that I'd be working on sketches and the like during my trip, but dopey ol' me just happened to leave my pencil case and all of its contents in the first hotel we stayed in. So I was without writing/drawing utensils for almost my entire journey. Fortunately, we were flying out of Frankfurt (where we'd flown into and stayed the first night), so a phonecall and a cab ride reunited my instruments and I (not to mention my custom-made pencil case, courtesy of Razi's momma). Apparently forgotten Bic Rollers and Belton Molotows aren't as endangered by sticky-fingered maids as, say, forgotten Rolexes (thank goodness I didn't leave mine behind.. the diamond portrait of Rihanna on its face is simply (Good Girl Gone) Badass - who knows what I would've done without such a beloved (Music of the) Sundial).

Where I was trying to go with that paragraph: I'm kind of behind in my work.

Fear not, however - I have many exciting projects planned for the summer (approximately none of which'll likely come to fruition, if my history is to be considered), so you may rest assured that there'll be no sparsing of my overwrought ramblings and updates.

To best distract myself from the pathetic portioning of my mealplan, I began carrying around a hotel notepad and ballpoint with which to doodle while my co-travelers were finishing their notpotatoesandbread meals. My only regret is how long it took the idea to occur to me. That, and my apparent inability to draw reasonably-proportioned heads; I don't know if it was the small format or some subconscious self-assertion that all Marvel characters have large heads, but either way the medium and my patience proved less than forgiving. And forgive me if my memory didn't fully serve with regard to their respective uniforms.. I left most of my Marvel comics in Montana, and've been seriously lacking in fanart practice.

My brother and I watched a stupid amount of German MTV. Literally fell asleep and woke up to it every night and morning of the trip. Really loving this song right now.

01 June 2009

New summer's resolution.

I'm fed up with being jealous of people. It's time to make people jealous of me.